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Update your student’s contact and health information online


Welcome Back, Families!

It is time to update your student’s contact information in Aspen to ensure accurate communication from Scituate Public Schools.  This year we are pleased to announce that you can update your child's information online in your Aspen Family Portal account. This new online form also includes important questions about your child's health for the school nurse. 

The following are the steps that you must take to review and update your student’s contact information:

1.        Log on to your Aspen account ( )

2.        Click the Initiate+ button in the Start a new Annual Student Information Update section.

3.       Update information as prompted. You will need to do an update for each child.

4.      Submit the form.

5.      Please submit the updates by Monday, September 12th.

Please understand the changes that you make will not update Aspen immediately.  Each school will review your data to confirm accurate account information.

If you need assistance with your Aspen Portal account you can email 

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