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The mission of the Scituate Public Schools’ School Counseling Department is to provide a comprehensive and developmental school counseling program of services that promotes the academic, social/emotional, and career potential of all students. Through counseling, advocacy, collaboration, leadership, and systemic change, counselors navigate students to become life-long learners, responsible community members, and to achieve personal excellence.

Counseling services are available to all students and parents/caregivers to assist in educational, vocational, and personal/social/emotional concerns. School Counselors and School Adjustment Counselors provide services to students, families, school staff and the community through direct and indirect services. 

Direct services include the delivery of school counseling curriculum to all students, individual student planning, and responsive services (individual or small group counseling and crisis intervention). Indirect services are provided on behalf of students and can include referrals to outside agencies or resources and consultation and/or collaboration with staff. Counselors work intimately with students to help develop a successful academic experience that meets their individual goals and objectives. 

Working collaboratively with caregivers, students, faculty and administrators, Counselors help students identify and implement strategies in addressing issues ranging from academic performance and motivation to depression, anxiety, substance abuse, peer and family conflict and more. School Counselors provide confidential individual and group meetings with students and families. Upon referral, the School Adjustment Counselor may provide services to students and families with more acute social, emotional, and behavioral needs. 

In addition, Counselors chair Section 504 Plans for students in their caseloads and are active members of the Student Support Team, which creates, implements and monitors timely intervention and support plans for struggling students. Students and parents/caregivers are encouraged to consult with his/her school counselor at any time during the school year.

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