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Celebrate Learning

Wampatuck Celebration of Student Learning

6 girls in front of heart wall

The Wampatuck school community has a lot to celebrate! We have had a wonderful start to our 2022-2023 year.  


These are the two pillars that drive our decisions and keep us grounded in making sure every student is able to reach their full potential academically, socially and emotionally. 


There are many ways we celebrate student learning daily, weekly, monthly, and at the end of the year, This end of year celebration hosted by Mrs. Greene’s 1st grade class is a literacy café.  Families are invited to a delicious celebration of writing and reading hosted by their first grade scholars.  Students showcase a menu of literary pieces they authored throughout the year and celebrate the growth they made in reading and writing.


Academic Achievement is the current level of a student’s learning.  We have two online programs that adjust to meet the needs of each individual student.  Lexia is a program that all K-2 students use to build literacy skills.  And ST math is a new online math program that teaches foundational concepts visually then connects the ideas to symbols and language.  Each program adjusts so that students have their own personalized journey to achieve mastery.  In Lexia when a student completes a level they are awarded a certificate.  In ST math the three classes that log the most number of minutes are given the ST Math mascot JiJi to keep in their class for the month.


Art teacher Marissa Donnelly and School Adjustment Counselor Caroline Carr worked with the whole school on a feelings mural. Students wrote words and drew images that expressed how they felt on the first day of our school year. In our classrooms and beyond, we are all learning how to grow and support one another by showing love, demonstrating inclusion, and building trust. Every week Mrs. Donnelly chooses an artist of the week.  This is someone who has worked exceptionally hard to meet a challenge or reached high to try something new.  Students are proud to have this opportunity to showcase their creativity and accomplishment.  Ms. Carr is in the process of accepting applications for our 5th grade ambassador program. Students are asked to explain how they can be a leader in our school and how they can contribute to Wampatuck community.


Our staff is so important to the success of our students.  We work hard to recognize and celebrate each person's role and the impact it has on student learning. Every year in May the PTO sponsors many events that show appreciation for our staff.  One staff favorite is the day every student is asked to bring a flower to their teacher.  The flowers are assembled into beautiful bouquets each one different and unique.


Wampatuck celebrates students in a variety of ways. In September we had a school wide This is Our House assembly. What makes this celebration unique is that students decide how they want to share their talents.  This year we had many students volunteer to share what LIT means to them and how they are inspired.  4th graders Claire and Lena penned essays describing what LIT means  and how we spread love, inclusion and trust here at Wampatuck.  5th graders Ella and Natalie love to sing and dance.  They wrote an original rap song and choreographed a dance with an inspiring message about LIT.  Musicians Parker and Drew played a song on the saxophone and ukulele while METCO director Darryl David played background music and finally student artist Tallulah and Desmond created these beautiful masterpieces during the celebration. 


Wampatuck is looking forward to continuing to celebrate our students and staff because everyone is important!

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