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Family Engagement Pilot


Dear Scituate Public School Family,

We are excited to announce that this year the district is adopting a Family Engagement Pilot Program.  The goal of this one year pilot program is to further increase our communication with caregivers and students as we seek to build our home away from home.  Under this pilot program, twice yearly parent conferences will be replaced with weekly times when educators are actively engaging with parents and caregivers and/or offering additional student support.  This shift offers more frequent opportunities for families, students, and educators to communicate in order to support student learning and growth.

Under this Family Engagement Pilot Program, educators will create and structure an additional office hour each week for caregiver and student outreach.  You can expect that educators will communicate their available times to you in the upcoming week.  Office hours will begin the week of November 7th.  As this is a one year pilot program, we will be seeking feedback from caregivers, students, and educators later in the year in order to help determine the program’s effectiveness.

Please work with your educator(s) if you would like to schedule a time during these office hours to discuss ways to best support your student’s education.  As always, educators continue to remain available for caregiver outreach outside of these office hours as well.

We recognize that this is a shift from what has been done in the past; however, we are proud to pioneer new ways for educators and caregivers to work together in the best interest of students.


William E. Burkhead

Superintendent of Schools

Scituate Public Schools

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