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What is Kindness?

Students at Kindness board

We’re excited to kick off the new school year by talking about Kindness. Our definition of Kindness is acting with understanding, generosity, and care. Each morning, students are greeted with the question, “What is kindness?” It has been wonderful to see this board fill up with notes from our students.

Home Activity: 

Find a time to sit in a circle together and celebrate a Kind beginning of the school year! If you want, gather some favorite snacks and play some celebratory music for the occasion. Take turns sharing responses to the following prompts or make up your own! Remember to practice Kindness as you listen to each other.

Celebration Prompts:

  • What is 1 way a family member has shown you Kindness this week?
  • What is 1 way you want to grow in Kindness toward others this school year? 



See the Hatherly Calendar for all important dates


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