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The Latest School Committee Highlights 5-1-2023 Meeting

school committee highlights

On May 1, 2023, the School Committee met for its regular meeting and voted to approve a memorandum of understanding with the Scituate School Custodians, AFSCME, Council 93, Local 1700 and Scituate Cafeteria Personnel, SEIU Local 888 contracts.

State of the District

Superintendent Burkhead shared an update on his FY23 goal progress through his State of the District Presentation.  The School Committee is scheduled to provide Superintendent Burkhead with his evaluation at the next meeting on May 15, 2023.  


Some key academic takeaways were:

  • In both math and ELA, grades 1 - 5 showed growth from the beginning of the year to the middle of the year. 
  • In elementary math, our focus areas for improvement are grades 3 and kindergarten which are the grades with the highest number of students at risk of not meeting end of year expectations.
  • In elementary ELA, our focus area for improvement is closing the achievement gap between our high achievers and low achievers in grades 3 - 5.
  • In middle school mathematics, grade 6 achievement substantially increased, the number of students at risk for not meeting end of year expectations increased in both grades 7 & 8.
  • In middle school ELA, there was substantial increase in achievement in all grades, and 28% - 40% of all students in each grade level still need improvement or are at risk of not meeting end of year expectations.
  • At the high school, there was a substantial increase in Advance Placement Mock Exams in English as well as the expansion of AP by the addition of the in person courses AP Environmental Science, AP Human Geography, and AP Computer Science Principles.
  • At the high school, targeted areas for growth are support for history/social sciences outside of MassInsight and maximizing participation in mock exams in all areas to increase scores and self reflection.
  • Supplemental science programming for hands-on exploration through the Flying Classroom engaged students in grades K - 8.  For more information, check out the mashup video below. 

Some key social emotional learning takeaways were:

  • Continued work with Partnership with Education And Resiliency (PEAR)  
  • Adoption of Character Strong PK – 12 Curriculum Resources  
  • Grade 6 End of Year HSA Pilot

Superintendent Burkhead recognized the work of the strategic planning committee, noted that the strategic plan will be shared and voted on in June, and recognized the committee members.

Screenshot%202023-05-05%20at%2012.39.56%20PM.pngCommunication Efforts

In addition to the 8 new websites with the mobile app and major design and feature improvements, the Superintendent shared other efforts to streamline and enhance communication across the district and across schools.

  • Implemented communications and technology training for principals and central office staff
  • Conducted a Smart Brevity book study with the District Leadership Team
  • Established a digital communications team to support consistency with communication across the district
  • Implemented School Committee Updates for summarized and easily searchable information
  • Implemented a School Committee calendar
  • Efforts to make the websites one true source of information through newsfeeds, principal updates, school calendars, and celebrations of student learning.
  • Increased elementary communication for parents regarding beginning, middle, and end of year assessments including parent meetings to learn more about curriculum
  • Expanded access to candidates for employment through easy-to-use shareable links


Capital Projects & Financial Commitments 

Superintendent Burkhead shared ways that our budget reflects our values.  The chart below illustrates accomplishments reflected in the budget.  For continued information regarding the Cushing & Hatherly MSBA project, please check out the Community MSBA Project Website for updates using the link below.  


Student Representative Update

SHS senior and School Committee student representative, Emma Riedel, shared her update including the exciting end of year events like the junior prom and the senior dance.  

  • She also noted the commencement of the fun of the Advanced Placement examination season.  
  • She also commended students who were inducted into the National Honor Society on Wednesday, April 26th.  
  • In addition to students, Ms. Last was recognized for demonstrating all four pillars in her work at Scituate High School.  
  • To see the list of juniors and seniors who met the GPA requirements and illustrate the characteristics of scholarship, service, leadership, and character as a part of this ceremony, check out the link below.

Assistant Superintendent Update

Assistant Superintendent Driscoll updated the committee on the current administrators search timelines.  The Hatherly Elementary School Principal Interview Committee orientation is this Thursday and the interviews will follow shortly thereafter.  The History and English Department Chair interview committee completed interviews and two finalists have been moved forward for each position.

Reimagining of the Scituate Host Family Program: Anchors


Students on the April 2023 Friends & Family Cruise.

METCO Director Darryl David and METCO Coordinator MarKaveus Barnes shared their work with families establishing Scituate Anchors.  The mission of Scituate Anchors is to foster and nurture valuable relationships between students, families, community members, and other stakeholders within Scituate Public Schools emphasizing our Boston-Scituate connections.  An Anchor is a family of any SPS student, teacher, school staff, or community member that has chosen to partner with and support others within our school district regardless of residential address.  Together, this group provides opportunities for students and families to celebrate each other outside of the classroom informally and through planned community events like this year’s frog pond event and the harbor cruise.  To participate in planning events, connect with Boston and Scituate families, or to share good news about connections that you have already made, please see the link below to register as an Anchor.

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