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Jenkins Update


PTO Fundraiser at Starland

What is Coming Up at Jenkins?

  • May 5 - School Council Meeting at 3:45 in the Jenkins Library
  • May 10 and 11 - Grade 3 Math MCAS
  • May 11 - Spring for the Arts
  • May 15 and 16 - Grade 5 Math MCAS
  • May 17 and 18 - Grafe 4 Math MCAS
  • May 19 - PTO Parents Night Out, Playground Fundraiser
  • May 22 -23, Grade 5 Science, Technology and Engineering MCAS

Check the Jenkins Calendar for all of the details and most up-to-date information!

In Case You Missed It … Check out the Jenkins News Feed, including information about the upcoming Kindergarten Orientation.

Jenkins gets “Ship Shape”image2-39.jpgThank you to Mrs. Tibbetts and Mrs. Kenneway for refreshing our main entrance planter

Teacher Appreciation Lunches are a Hit with Staff


  • Thank you to the Jenkins PTO for the Teacher Appreciation Lunches this month.
  • Mrs. Woodford, Mrs. Murray, Ms. Hallin and Ms. MacDonald pick their lunch choices from “Mom on the Go” in front of Jenkins.
  • Gift baskets are being raffled off each week too, the first-week winner was Mrs. Mulcahy in the main office.

Thank you Vinal Ave Neighbors!


  • Fifth Grade Student Ambassadors for “Patience”  delivered gift bags to each house on Vinal Ave.
  • Gift bags contained a shark pen, flower seeds, and Double Bubble gum.
  • Owen Lazcano, Rory Smith, Cooper Hausmann, Cavan Labresh, Macie Legge, and Holland Walker are pictured here with two of our youngest neighbors on their porch steps.
  • The Ambassadors received several “thank you” phone calls and cards from the Vinal Ave neighbors who appreciated the personal deliveries from the Jenkins students.

“A” for Effort!


  • Congratulations to Mrs. Corcoran, Mrs. Fiddler, and Mrs. Norton’s classes which were recognized for giving the most effort in completing ST puzzles.  
  • Jiji the Penguin will stay with their classes until our May Shark Assembly.
  • Thank you to Wyatt Sullivan, Brody McNamara, Luke Noord, and Greta Maguire for accepting the rewards on behalf of their homerooms.

April Shark Awards for “Patience”


  • Kindergarten:  Ryder Driscoll O’Brien, Brock Dexter, Thiago Peralta, Sebastian Hale, Evelyn Tibbetts
  • First Grade: Claire Beekman, Julian Hanks, Noah Sadowski, Callan Tibbetts, Mateo Noguera
  • Second Grade: Ava Lerouge, Emerson Fuchs, Noah Sammartino, Clara Crombie, 
  • Third Grade:  Nora Caulfield, Rose Walker, Teo Pascarelli-Falcone, Simone Walker, Levi Frenis, Faye Schug
  • Fourth Grade:  Ella Poisson, William Duane, Jackson Spence, Jack Savage
  • Fifth Grade: Lexi Davey, Teagan Hickey, Mia Ludlow, Avery Noord, Maya DeJesus, Cooper Kosman

Class Shark Awards


  • Mrs. Tichnor’s Class wins the K-2 Shark Award by earning 19 shark teeth, that’s 190 acts of being ‘fin’tastic!
  • Thank you to Graham Carnell and Charlie MacIsaac for accepting for their class


  • James Leroy and Benny Studley accept the 3-5 Shark Award for Mrs. Corcoran’s class.
  • How did they earn the shark?  By having the most shark teeth in April with 180 acts of being ‘fin’tastic!

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Contact the Jenkins Office at or call 781-545-4910

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