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Wampatuck Wave

Tin man twins

Mr. Greene with his “Tin Man” twin.

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4th & 5th Turkey Trot

Veterans Day Celebration

Picture Make-Up Day

Attendance Matters

Health Office Updates

Health Records:

  • Please be sure that your child’s health/immunization record is up to date by sending Nurse Bennett the most recent copy of your child’s physical exam.  
  • All students in Kindergarten and 3rd grade are required to provide this documentation.  
  • Kindergarten families, if your child has had a more recent physical exam since registration please send in the updated health form.  

Vision and Hearing Screenings:

Annual vision and hearing screenings will take place in the health office.  You will be notified if your child does not pass the screening.


  • Preschool and Elementary aged children can easily spread and pick up germs and viruses.  If your child is sick, contact your Pediatrician for guidance and/or evaluation before returning to school.  
  • Please keep your child home for 24 hours after a fever, vomiting, or diarrheal illness, and/or after contagious illnesses such as strep throat to avoid infecting others.  

Wampatuck Absentee Email:

  • If your student is going to be absent or late to school for any reason, email us at  
  • If you have any concerns about your child’s health, please feel free to contact Nurse Lauren Bennett by phone 781-545-8790 or by email at any time.  

World Diabetes Day:

  • November is National Diabetes Month which includes World Diabetes Day (WDD) on Tuesday, November 14th which is the birthday of Sir Frederick Banting who co-discovered insulin with Charles Best in 1922. 
  • WDD is the world’s largest diabetes awareness campaign and reaches a global audience of over 1 billion people in more than 160 countries.
  • On November 14, 2023 Wampatuck can show our support by wearing blue.

Character Dress Up Day

The Wampatuck community enjoyed a day of dressing up as their favorite book character on October 31, 2023.  It was a wonderful way to celebrate literacy and all of our young readers.

image3-51.jpgMrs. Edgren dressed as The Grouchy Ladybug and Mrs Greene dressed as Fly Guy.

image6-33.jpgMrs. Forcier’s kindergarten class.

image7-23.jpgMrs. Greene’s first graders.

image8-23.jpgEva and Kellen Herlihy enjoying the ECC costume parade.

image2-67.jpgMs. Wakeman and Mrs. Johnson dressed as Where’s Waldo.

image5-42.jpgMrs. Culbert taking a selfie.

image4-51.jpgMrs. Sheehan’s kindergarten class.

image9-14.jpgFirst grade team dressed as Fly Guy.

High School Speakers


Wampatuck was blessed to have three high school students come and speak to our 4th and 5th grade scholars on kindness and responsibility.  Two of the three speakers were former Wampatuck students which is always a privilege to welcome them back. All three spoke about their educational journey and how they have grown into responsible students and how kindness has positively impacted their lives.

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