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Early Childhood Center (ECC)

The Early Childhood Center is designed to service special needs children and typically developing children in an integrated setting. In order to be eligible for the program, children must be 3 years of age by September 1 of the upcoming school year. Children who turn five years of age on or before September 1 are eligible for Kindergarten and therefore will not be considered for the ECC program. 

Classes are limited in size: 60% of the class is comprised of students who do not have special needs, and 40% with varying special needs.  Students who have received special education services and have met the appropriate age level goals making them no longer eligible for services will complete the school year but may not begin another year in the program under special education guidelines. He/she will be considered peer models and will be expected to pay the tuition rate.


Applications for admission as peer models are being accepted November 1 for the next calendar year. Acceptance is based on a first come-first served basis. Students determined to be “educationally at risk” due to environmental factors are given increased allowances to be involved in the program. Should the Early Childhood Center receive more applications than openings, a waitlist will be formed. Should an opening arise in the school year, students on the waitlist will be notified in the order in which we received the application. 


Approximately 15 minutes in length, will be scheduled for each applicant and are held on Fridays in February (dates to be announced at a later date). 

Open House

We invite all Scituate Prospective and current preschool families to come and learn about the Early Childhood Center program. This provides an opportunity to meet the teachers and see the classrooms. The Open House is held in December (date to be announced) at the Early Childhood Center. 

Acceptance and Tuition

Once accepted to the program, a $200 deposit and a complete registration is due within 10 days in order to keep the slot. A tuition fee of $2,500.00 (subject to change) will be assessed for typically developing students and students who receive related services and do not have a recommendation for the program. The remainder of the tuition balance will be billed in 4 installment payments, September, November, January, and March. Tuition payment slips will be included with the acceptance letter. 

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