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Main Office

Phone Number

School Hours

Early Childhood Care Center (ECC)

  • Monday through Thursday
  • AM Session: 9:10-11:40 am
  • PM Session: 12:25-2:55 pm


  • 8:40am Students proceed to classrooms
  • 8:55 - 3:25 (Full Day)
  • 8:55 - 11:25 (Half Day - No Lunch)

ECC Arrival/Dismissal Procedure

Parents/Guardians should pull into the semi-circle driveway in the front of the Wampatuck School and pull all the way to the beginning of the semi-circle. You will take your child out from the car and we will escort the child to their classrooms. 

At pickup you will take your child from the teacher/paraprofessional to your car to buckle them in. This practice is to address the safety of your child with regard to traffic concerns and limited parking spaces available. 

If your child arrives at school after the official start time, please bring him/her to the office where he/she will be met by a staff member who will escort the child to the classroom.


If your child will not be attending school, please email to notify the school of his/her absence. Please state the reason for the absence. Children returning to school should be fever-free for 24 hours and on a regular diet. Please refer to your school’s student handbook (insert link for student handbook) for more information. 


A student will be marked tardy if they have not reported to school by the official start time. A tardy student must obtain admittance at the school office. Please refer to your school’s student handbook for more information.

Report a Concern

The Scituate Public Schools is committed to providing a safe, positive and productive educational environment where students can achieve the highest academic standards. No student shall be subjected to harassment, intimidation, bullying, or cyber-bullying. Please use the form below to report concerns or allegations of school, bullying bias, discrimination & harassment.

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