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Welcome to Cushing School, home of the Cushing Cats. Our students, also known as Cushing Cats, are caring citizens who act with respect, try their best, and help to maintain a safe school. 

Each student belongs to a “House” within the larger Cushing community: Lions, Tigers, Jaguars, and Cougars. As members of Houses, students from kindergarten to grade five support each other, making Cushing Elementary School a positive, welcoming environment that nurtures self-confidence, independence, cooperation, and physical well-being. 

The education of our students goes beyond our school. Staff and faculty work closely with our School Council, our PTO, and local members of the Scituate community, such as the STEAM Collaborative, the Scituate Beautification Commission, and the North South Rivers Watershed Association, to provide and maintain educational enrichment opportunities. Together we work to serve, collaborate, and support every student and family. We share in the commitment to do what is best for children.

All the best,

Scott Williams, Cushing Principal 

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