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Successful Scientists

Successful Scientists

Scituate Public Schools provides additional educational opportunities to students through the implementation of supplementary services, including the innovative Flying Classroom program. With Flying Classroom, students can participate in engaging and interactive lessons designed to enhance their background knowledge. The program encourages students to make connections and express their creativity through writing and drawing exercises. To top it off, each lesson culminates in a hands-on activity that students can build with their own two hands. The best part is that all the necessary materials are conveniently shipped directly to the students' homes prior to the start of the class, making the learning experience even more accessible and enjoyable.

Most recently, thirty curious minds in grades K-2, eagerly explored the wonders of science during two fun-filled Saturday mornings, all from the comfort of their own homes. During their two classes, the students learned about bats and also about nutrition. Just look at the smiles of some of the participants pictured.



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