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METCO Director Announcement

Lighthouse METCO Director Image

As some of you may know, after much consideration, Mr. Ayala has decided to resign from the SPS METCO Director & Visionary position. We are excited to announce that MarKaveus Barnes, has been named our next METCO Director & Visionary and will start effective July 1, 2024.

As a first generation graduate from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Crime and Justice Studies with a focus in Urban Studies, MarKaveus attributes his studies for how he discovered his passions to serve underrepresented youth. When asked about what drives him, MarKaveus stated…”I work with students because I am passionate about the growth and socio-emotional development of youth and understand that every child needs a positive influence and role model in their life. I strive to be the advocate, resource and leader that I needed when I was growing up.”

It is through his experiences and knowledge that he has gained over the years of serving marginalized children and families that has aided him to excel in facilitating the growth and development of METCO students, both academically and socially.  In the two years that he has been in Scituate, MarKaveus' commitment to the SPS METCO program has allowed him to build valuable relationships and connections with students, families and staff across our school district.

As the METCO Director & Visionary, MarKaveus’ main goal and purpose is to be the best possible advocate & leader for students while creating a nurturing support system that fosters growth and relationships in collaboration with families, school faculty and the Scituate community. He describes the welcoming environment that the Scituate school community creates as what he most enjoys and says that he is “thankful for the interactions and relationships that he has created with students, staff and families across the district and looks forward to continued connections and furthering his impact in the Scituate community.” 

Fun fact… In his spare time he likes to create, spend time in nature and enjoy hobbies like snowboarding, camping and painting!

Please join us in congratulating MarKaveus Barnes as he steps into his new role as the METCO Director & Visionary for Scituate Public Schools! WE appreciate you and are excited about the future of SPS METCO! 


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