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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Scituate Public Schools are transitioning from BYOD to 1:1. In Fall 2022 we will be fully 1:1 in grades K-10, with grades 11-12 remaining BYOD. In Fall 2023 grade 11 will be added to 1:1, and in Fall 2024 we will be fully 1:1 in grades K-12.

  • If your student is leaving SPS you will need to return their 1:1 Chromebook or other device, and any associated chargers and peripheral devices to the school to which your student is enrolled, and email a notification of the return to If you leave the district without returning all school property, the district will take the necessary steps to correct the oversight, including invoicing for missing materials and devices, and withholding student records until all items are returned or paid for.

  • Completion of this form will serve as acknowledgement of the terms for your receipt of a 1:1 loaner Chromebook and the associated responsibilities of acceptable use and proper care of this device. SPS 1:1 Agreement Form

  • Students are expected to care for their Chromebook at all times. However, we realize that accidents do happen. If your child breaks his/her Chromebook accidentally, you will not be charged for a replacement or cost of the repair for the first two incidents.  If a third incident occurs or the damage is determined to have occurred intentionally, you will be charged the cost of the repair. You will be notified in writing after a second incident that the next incident will incur a repair/replacement charge.

  • Students will be charged a replacement fee of $299 for a lost or stolen Chromebook.

  • All Chromebooks are monitored by a software system that ensures students use their Scituate Public Schools Chromebook and account for educational purposes. However, on occasion, students may encounter questionable websites. Should this happen, please contact my office at 781-545-8750x11359 and we will be happy to help you.

  • We recognize that some parents/guardians may have objections to their child having a Chromebook. If you are concerned regarding this, please call your child’s school to schedule an appointment with the principal to discuss your concerns.

  • Grades 5-12 will take home their 1:1 Chromebooks daily or as needed. Devices in Grades K-4 will normally remain in classrooms, but can occasionally go home with students at the teacher’s discretion.

  • Yes. Your child should bring their Chromebook to school every day. Students who do not have their Chromebook in school will be unable to access the curriculum.

  • Each student will keep their device and is expected to keep it safe and have it ready and available for the first day of school in September.

  • You can purchase a replacement charger at any number of online stores. Look for a Chromebook USB-C charger for HP Chromebooks.

  • Families are expected to return the 1:1 device and charger along with any other school property assigned to a student, or pay $299 for a replacement.


Mr. Rich Long, Technology Coordinator, 781-545-8750 ext. 11359

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