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Grade 7 Tournament of Cultural Heritage

Grade 7 Tournament of Cultural Heritage

In their unit focused on the five themes of geography, seventh graders consider different types of cultural heritage. Tangible heritage refers to elements that can be seen and intangible heritage are things that are felt or believed. Students practice using terms and skills that will be used throughout the year to analyze similarities and differences between regions around the world.

Last week, students researched facts about a country that was a part of their individual heritage. To demonstrate his understanding of tangible heritage, one student shared, “My grandmother makes food from her childhood when we gather for special days.” Another student explained "My Grandfather played pond hockey Canada, and I love thinking of him as I play it here" to showcase her knowledge of intangible heritage. 

At the end of the learning experience, students asked each other trivia questions about a country that is important to their family as they engaged in a spirited game of Rock/Paper/Scissors. What a great way to finish the first full week of 7th grade!

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