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Disc Golf Reaching New Heights At Gates & Beyond

Disc Golf at Gates

Disc golf at Gates continues to grow in popularity with not just students but with community members as well. Not only do students enjoy the course during physical education class, but there is also a disc golf IBC (interest-based club) during school hours and an after-school club at Gates as well. Furthermore, the Gates 9-hole disc golf course was uploaded to Udisc (disc golf app) and can be found by anyone in the world. During April 2023 alone, 51 individuals played the course per the Udisc app. Additionally, players from 6 different states have played the course including Texas and California.

These school and community lifelong wellness experiences would not have been possible without the passion and dedication of Mr. Jim Flynn, physical education teacher at Gates, and the kind generosity of the Scituate Education Foundation(SEF) and the Gates PTO. SEF funded the 9 disc golf baskets situated on the Gates campus as well as 100 disc golf discs. The Gates PTO sponsored the new aluminum T-signs.

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