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Real Estate Club Guest Speaker, Coach Devine

Real Estate Club

The SHS Real Estate Club is new this year at SHS and meets during H-Block once per week. Students in the club are interested in the power of property ownership and all the aspects that accompany it from real estate taxes to loan financing. Student leaders set the agenda and work with Mr. Fagerlund (aka Mr. F.) to ensure meetings are organized and engaging. Recently, the club invited Herb Devine in to speak with students about the mortgage industry as well as owning income property. He provided excellent examples and scenarios for students to consider. Mr. Devine (aka Coach Devine) is the head football coach of the SHS Sailors and branch manager of the MortgageRight located on Front Street in Scituate. A special thank you to Coach Devine for his time and commitment not only on the field but also in the classroom as well.

Photo Courtesy the Real Estate Club: Eric Fagerlund(left) SHS Business Educator and Real Estate Club Advisor and  Herb Devine(right) SHS Head Football Coach, MortgageRight Branch Manager

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