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School/Family Partnerships

Scituate High Opportunities and Resources for Education (SHORE)

Since 1990 SHORE (Scituate High Opportunities and Resources for Education) has provided over $1 million to benefit Scituate High School. Through applied grants, we provide financial support to enhance experiences in the 3 A’s: Academics, Athletics & Arts. SHORE provides opportunities for the staff and students of SHS to explore their potential with financial support for materials and experiences beyond the regular classroom.  Grant opportunities are offered twice a year-both staff and students are encouraged to apply. 

School Councils

School Councils are composed of elected and selected representatives from each school’s parent body, school staff and the greater community to serve on the council, as mandated by the 1993 Education Reform Act. School Councils serve as an advisory council to the Principal and have specific responsibilities outlined in the annual school improvement plans that are created to reflect the needs of individual school communities.

The areas identified include curriculum, instruction, assessment, social-emotional development, schedules, structures, and the school budget.

LIT Parent/Caregiver Advisory Group

LIT is an acronym standing for Love, Inclusion, and Trust and is at the center of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion efforts at SPS. LITPAG is a collective of staff, parents, and caregivers from each school that meet to serve as an origin for many things connected to love, inclusion, and trust for the school. LITPAG has been an instrumental part of the annual MLK Memorial, LIT Bedtime Stories, PRIDE Month, and our yearly Juneteenth celebration. Learn more on Scituate High School's All Things LIT page.

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