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Counseling Department

Welcome to Scituate High School Counseling! All counseling-related information and resources are available here. 


The Scituate Public Schools’ School Counseling Department is committed to providing comprehensive programming and services that promote the academic potential, social/emotional development/wellbeing, and career readiness of all students, including: 

  • Guiding students to select an individualized course of study
  • Develop skills and acquire information to support their academic goals
  • Helping them navigate challenging personal situations
  • Social and emotional wellness
  • Individualized post-secondary readiness

For further discussions about what resources and support might be best for your student and family, please contact the Counseling Department.

Overview of direct and indirect services provided to SHS students.

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Course planning, learning interventions, support and goal-setting for post-graduation.

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Interventions and strategies to support students who struggle with their overall emotional health.

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Individualized post-secondary path planning.

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Planning guides, testing, checklists and timelines for families with students applying to college.

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Counselor assignments and phone numbers.

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