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We are a vibrant, successful high school community of learners with a competitive, challenging academic program that provides many opportunities for success to a wide variety of learners. 

Our teachers believe in using a range of strategies in the classroom and challenging students to demonstrate what they have learned through several evaluative techniques. 

Our students understand and can articulate Scituate High School's expectations for student success.

At Scituate High School, we promote acceptance and understanding in a spirit of global outreach. We offer numerous extracurricular opportunities through clubs and other organizations. Our Student Council, National Honor Society, Anti-Defamation League and Peer Leaders all dedicate themselves to cultivating our own high school community of learners for their future roles as members of a contributing society. 

Our athletic program boasts a 65% involvement rate from the student body. 

Students and teachers dedicate extra time to orchestrating social events, conducting service projects and joining various specialized performances and competitions.

All the best,

Marc Loranger, Scituate High School Principal


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