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Getting to and from School

Bus Schedule and Routes

Please be at your bus stop 15 minutes before the posted time.

Questions about Bus Transportation

Arrival and Drop Off

School begins at 8:15 (9:15 Wednesdays), and students should be in class in their seats at this time. As the traffic begins to increase as we approach start time, please consider dropping off early or driving in early to get to school on time. The cafeteria and library are open at 7:30 for students to report there until 8 am, so please take advantage of this time to study, eat breakfast, or socialize with friends and skip the traffic line! 

Students who are driven to school should be dropped off in the second loop outside the main office/cafeteria by 8:10 am. Students will enter the doors to the left on the cafeteria. Cars should pull all the way to the front of the loop so that several students can disembark at once and then another set of cars can queue up. Please do not stop outside the library or office to let your student out, as this ties up traffic. 

Students who drive to school should plan to be walking into the building by 8:10 am. Please be on time, as parking is a privilege and can be revoked for frequent tardiness. 

End of School/Pickup

Cars will be allowed past the bus loop after all buses leave the school. This is to ensure they stay on schedule and to maintain safety. Students should be picked up after buses (3pm) in the same loop as drop off. Please do not ask students to meet you at your car in the pickup line. Students are not allowed to cross the bus loop to cars for safety reasons.

Between athletics and activities, we have robust after school programming where students are welcome to learn outside the classroom, interact with peers, and contribute positively to the community. 

More information

Visit the District Transportation Department page for:

  • Application forms
  • Bus transportation fees and payments
  • School Fee/No Fee Zone information
  • METCO info

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